How do I install a skin?

In order to install a Roundcube Plus skin, follow these steps:

1. Copy the files.

The skins are shipped in compressed tar.gz packages. Inside each package you will find two directories: skins and plugins. Extract and copy the contents of 'skins' to the 'skins' directory of your Roundcube installation, and the contents of 'plugins' to the 'plugins' directory.

2. Install the xskin plugin.

The xskin plugin needs to be installed for our skins to work properly. Read this article for instructions on how to install a Roundcube plugin.

Although it's not necessary to change any of the xskin configuration settings for the skins to work properly, the config file provides you with options for adding your own branding images, setting default options, and much more. Don't forget to look at what options are available in [roundcube]/plugins/xskin/