Why are my downloads disabled?

Are your downloads disabled due to en exceeded installation count? This article explains how to get this problem resolved.

First, something that you probably already know: the skins and plugins you have purchased can be used on a single Roundcube installation. If you're using them on more installations, you must purchase additional copies of the software.

We have a licensing server that records an anonymous fingerprint of each Roundcube installation where the skins and plugins are set up. This information gets deleted every 24 hours.

Important tip: our website might cache the information about your license usage for faster access, so if you've waited for 24 hours and you still don't see any change in your license count, log out and back in to roundcubeplus.com.

Here are some of the reasons why the licensing server might get its numbers wrong:

1. You upgraded Roundcube to a new version.

When you upgrade Roundcube, the new version will generate a different unique fingerprint. Because the licensing server remembers all the fingerprints reported in a 24 hour period, it will see both the new and the old Roundcube setups and it will think that you're running two installations instead of one. The solution is simple: just 24 hours and things will get back to normal.

2. You moved Roundcube to a new server or a new directory.

Moving Roundcube to a new location will also generate a new unique fingerprint. Again, just wait till the end of the day for the count to reset.

3. You're running Roundcube in a test environment.

Sometimes it's necessary to run Roundcube on a test server before you move it into production. Normally this test setup will also generate a different fingerprint and will be counted as an additional installation.

But there's a way to test safely without increasing your installation count: just log in to the Roundcube test installation using an email address containing the word 'demo'. For example, 'demo@yourdomain.com' or 'roundcube.demo@yourdomain.com'. Email addresses containing the word 'demo' won't trigger the increase of the installation count.

If your test environment has already generated a new fingerprint and blocked your downloads, just wait till the end of the day for the counter to be reset.

4. Roundcube is installed on a balancing server.

Sometimes your host will have your files on a balancing server to ease the server load. In this scenario your files are copied onto two or more servers and the incoming traffic is divided equally between them. This is often done without you even realizing it. If each of those copies generates a unique fingerprint, our server will count them as separate installations. Please contact us if you think this is the case.

5. You are running an old version of the Roundcube Plus software.

We have done extensive work recently to prevent false positives being reported to the licensing server. Please upgrade to xframework version 1.5.6 or above to make sure you're taking advantage of these enhancements.

If your installation count doesn't go back to normal after 24 hours, please contact us and we'll look into the problem. Thank you for your patience!